Narrowly having a handle on it.

No we aren’t talking about life, even though I do narrowly have a handle on that, lets talk handlebars. I will go over drops and other types of bars and how I use them. I will save the life stuff for my therapist.

The bike industry is not kind to small people. Handlebars are no exception. I should have a width of 36cm but very few come below 40cm. Plus god knows large bike companies put average size bars even on their extra small size frames which leave us with aches between the shoulder blades or on the front armpit area.

So what are some good bars for people with narrow shoulders?

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Four 2017 DNFA/Bikepacking Bikes Shorties can be Excited About

Shorties tend to get a lot less bike love then the average height’d, even less when it comes to what I have termed a Does Not F*ck Around Bike. You know, what you can take down a shitty middle of nowhere fire road or bad/oh so good decision single track, carrying all the stuff you need to live, without aches, not having to constantly pray that your bike doesn’t explode, or screaming “OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE WHAT HAVE I DONE!” while going down a mountain at high speeds, or even going up a mountain at slow speeds. I guess the boring terms are bikepacking or adventure bike.

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Smaller is better… when it comes to wheels… for a short bike.

There is huge chunk of people that are under 5’5”. I am one of those at 5’1”. In my opinion, under 5’5” is when it gets to be a pain in the ass to find a frame that fits. I mean really fits. Not just something you can live with, but something that doesn’t make your back sore, and you can stand over with both feet on the ground without the top tube going into no-mans-land (or should I say sometimes-a-select-man’s-land?).

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